Grand Review and Parade, Rally on the High Ground, May 17, 2015

Three main civil war sesquicentennial closing events in Washington, DC in 2015

1. The Lincolne Second Inaugural in March 2015
2. The Lincoln Funeral March in April 
3. The Grand Review and Parade on May 17, 2015

Calling all regiments of USCT: Grand Review and Parade May 17, 2015

All USCT Regiments are asked to begin preparing to join 6 - 10,000 regular reenactors for the Grand Review Parade on May 17, 2015 by recruiting heavily to increase your ranks and by supporting the "Rally on the High Ground" to revivfy the memorial in Washington.

Calling All USCT Descendants: Grand Review and Parade, May 17, 2015

All Descendants of USCT to begin planning now to dress at least one family member in a USCT uniform and make plans to come to Washington on May 17, 2015 to represent your family in the Grand Parade. Also, do what you can to help in the Rally on the High Ground to revivy the memorial.

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