Mr. Smith:


Thank you! Thank you so very much for not only introducing us to your staff and pointing us in the direction of our purposeful visit, but in taking of your time to speak with us about the history of the AACW Museum, it's upcoming celebrations, and for making it such a personal visit as we acknowledged our ancestors, Alonzo & Charles, in the African American Civil War Monument.


Our brief trip was filled with great sights and moments of reflection upon the past. It is meeting those like yourself, along the way, which continue the dialogue of connecting the past with the present.


We hope you will stay in touch and we will do the same.



Melissa Howell

A Descendant of Solomon Northup


"12 Years A Slave"

2014 Academy Award for Best Picture


Twelve Years A Slave by S. Northup

2014 USC Scripter Award